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Thunderbird hotmail junk folder

thunderbird hotmail junk folder


  • Name: Thunderbird hotmail junk folder
  • Version: 7.770
  • All Time Downloads: 13014
  • Filename: m1383.exe
  • Filesize: 59MB
  • Rating: 10
  • Viewed: 54379
  • Language: English
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Jul 13,  · But, also, I have eight active accounts, seven of which were imported from an earlier version of Thunderbird, which had Junk folders, although I was sending all my Junk mail directly to Trash. One account was created with 3.x, and it had the same settings as the other ones, but, since it by-passed the Junk folder, there was none. Oct 23,  · After you have trained the spam filter in Mozilla Thunderbird for a while and are satisfied with its classifications, you can reap its biggest benefit. Mozilla Thunderbird can automatically move all the junk out of the way of your Inbox automatically and dump it in the Junk folder. Then, when Thunderbird gets new Emails, the Junk emails marked will be automatically moved to the Junk folder you chose. When I mark an email as Junk: automatically move junk emails to the junk folder ∞ Thunderbird needs some initial training from users actions of marking emails as Junk.

Oct 02,  · Manage folders and spam in Mozilla's Thunderbird? To create new e-mail organizing folders, right-click the Local Folders icon in the folders list Author: Nicole Nash. Set up Email Filters and Junk Filters in Thunderbird. The instructions below will help you setup Thunderbird's built in Junk mail filter. In Thunderbird, click on Tools and choose Account Settings. Thunderbird will do a wonderful job of putting junk mail from your mail folders into your Junk folder. Thunderbird not moving junk to junk folder. But this is not happening either - messages appear in the inbox marked junk by thunderbird, but that's where they stay. Nothing ever goes into the Junk folder. I use thunderbird on a Windows XP machine and all is OK as I expect, so I think my ubuntu installation is misbehaving Reviews: 2.


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