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Apple mouse works with windows

apple mouse works with windows


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Oct 20,  · The device automatically pairs with an Apple device upon turning on, and there’s not much of user involvement required in the pairing process. This leaves the Microsoft Windows ecosystem users in frustration, because some of these people might want to use the Apple Magic Mouse in their Windows computers. Jul 21,  · Windows Apple Magic Mouse 2 Scrolling doesn't work in Windows 10 Discus and support Apple Magic Mouse 2 Scrolling doesn't work in Windows 10 in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; I've downloaded the Bootcamp support software for Windows (Version ). I've extracted the drivers: AppleBluetoothInstaller64 Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers . Apple makes official Windows drivers for their peripherals, including the Mighty Mouse and Magic Mouse. They are bundled up with Boot Camp, which lets you boot Windows on your Mac.. Normally, you Author: Jack Busch.

Mar 16,  · Apple's magic mouse will not work With Windows 7 or for that matter any Windows Operating System. It is specifically built for Mac users and not Windows users. The system requirement for Apple's magic mouse has been discussed in Apple's website System Requirements * Mac computer with Bluetooth wireless technology. I have been using an Apple Magic Mouse "1" for quite some time now on my Windows 10 PC and I was very content except the damn batteries that needed replacing every once in a while. So I bought an Apple Magic Mouse 2. Shouldn't be that difficult, right? Disconnect the "1", connect the "2" and go! Nope. The mouse works fine except it doesn't scroll. If you’re an Apple fan, you’d be pleased to hear that both the original Magic Mouse and Magic Mouse 2 works near perfectly in Windows 10 with help from some free drivers. Here’s how you can set it up! The Magic Mouse is Apple’s flagship mouse device. It is the input device of choice for Mac [ ].

Although they are kinda spendy, Apple hardware is great and I really like the buttonless, bluetooth Magic Mouse. I started using one with my Windows laptop and was surprised at the lack of info on the interwebs about getting the scrolling to work. Found some Author: Jon Sisk. I bought the Magic Mouse from the London Apple Store during a quick trip there and because my previous mouse was a Logitech MX, when I first started using the Magic Mouse I got a little bit disappointed by the lack of precision when trying to do some very detailed work. Getting it to work with Windows 7 is not that difficult, all you have to do is follow the simple steps of this how-to. Apple's latest mice sensation – the multi-touch capable Magic Mouse introduced iPhone-style touch capabilities in the world of mice for users running OS X. This amazing product of engineering which is a multi-touch descendant of the iPhone soon became the heartthrob of Mac users. Since Magic Mouse is officially supported to work on Macs only, PC users running Windows were left out in the.


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