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  • Name: Mir ai para homunculus
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MirAI Adv2. Remember! If you're homunculus is fight, for example, a Sleeper and you are being attacked by a Familiar from 10 cells away, your homunculus will run back over to you, thus dragging the Sleeper to your position, just to kill the Familiar. If you homunculus dies . Aug 19,  · THANK YOU!!! Your my hero!! Thank you for the guide!! This would change MyRO /heh Great guide, thank you! /kis2 /kis Sana ma Pin to ng mga MOD kasi it's really helpful para sa mga Biochemist enthusiast and marami ring players ng MyRO di alam ano ung Homunculus AI. Dec 27,  · To activate your AI, type on your ragnarok console the command /hoai. Make sure that the Homunculus's behavior is controlled by User's AI. Use Rest and Call your Homunculus to load your script. After installing, your good to go and your Homunculus will cast auto-skill without your intervention. Available AI: Aether 3; Mir AI.

Aug 25,  · Ragnarok Homunculus #06 - AzzyAI Instalação [bRO Thor] Canal Games S.A. Deixe o seu gostei para ajudar na divulgação, e se gostou muito mesmo favorite o vídeo. Deixe sua crítica ou. AzzyAI This is the previous version of AzzyAI; it no longer works on iRO, and is included for historical purposes only. This version has full support for Homunculus S and properly handles movement under post-Move()-change RO. Oct 18,  · For example the homunculus is attacking something X cells away, even if I move TOWARDS the homunculus, usually it will stop attacking and run back over to me I don't know if that is a regression or if I had something customized on my other PC, but I could move around in a much greater area before the homunculus would drop its target and return.5/5(4).

Jul 29,  · Ever wondered how to make your Homunculus a little bit smarter? Do you find resurrecting your thingy way too often due its seemingly uncontrollable tendency to rampage towards too powerful monsters? Fear not! Here’s a quick guide on how to install, set-up and use one of the best Homunculus AI the. To keep current homun AI, and use AzzyAI for mercenary, do NOT replace Log into RO and test the AI. Log into your character in Ragnarok Online (the game does not need to be restarted), type /hoai (for homunculus) or /merai (for mercenaries) until it says that the AI has been customized. Check that the AI is working. Lista de Amigos: Sistema Anti-KS desativado para players na lista de amigos do seu homunculus. Para adicionar/remover um player da lista é extremamente fácil, e longe das linhas de comando. Mande seu homunculus ir (alt+click com botão direito) a uma célula acima ou uma célula abaixo do jogador que deseja adicionar/remover.


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