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Memtest86 vs plus

memtest86 vs plus


  • Name: Memtest86 vs plus
  • Version: 2.5568
  • All Time Downloads: 91533
  • Filename: x1069.exe
  • Filesize: 309MB
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Jun 20,  · memtest86+ vs memtest86 13 posts Drizzt Got a replacement from Corsair and I was good for another year plus. continuum. Moderator et Subscriptor. Tribus: California. Jan 28,  · memtest86+ does not work with UEFI unless you set it to "Legacy Boot" BIOS mode and then has a known issue with test #7 generating false positives with DDR4. All memory testing programs test memory differently so e.g. you could have no errors in these bootable tests but fail Prime95 and it's a good idea to use more than one. Aug 27,  · Memtest86+. Been using it since it was bundled with Ubuntu & Fedora CD / DVD installers, never seemed to have failed me yet. I've also had good success with MemtestHCI.I usually use that when testing the overclock and I have all test suites lined up and don't want to reboot and find my linux discs just to do a memtest.

Jan 24,  · I ran memtest86 (not plus) and it resulted in the timer getting stuck during the #9 test and the number of errors infinitely increasing. The pass was at 59%. I gave it about 5 more minutes (it was stuck at minutes) before I decided to exit memtest I those 5 minutes or so the number of errors climbed to +.


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