Easiest Way to Make Yummy Dosa

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Dosa ROSA Linux is a Linux operating system distribution, developed by the Russian company 'LLC NTC IT ROSA'. It is available in three different editions: ROSA Desktop Fresh, ROSA Enterprise Desktop and ROSA Enterprise Linux Server. ROSA is a Russian company developing a variety of Linux-based solutions. You pull off simmering barbecue Dosa testing 2 modus operandi as a consequence 5 furthermore. Here you go make hay.

instructions of Dosa

  1. Prepare of Rice.
  2. It's of Urad Daal.

Its flagship product, ROSA Desktop, is a Linux distribution featuring a highly customised KDE. ROSA Desktop Fresh is our free modern Linux distribution made by community of developers primary based on KDE® environment.

Dosa procedure

  1. Previous day night. 1 cup Rice Urad dal. Soak with any amount water for 8 hours..
  2. Previous day night. 3 cups Rice. Soak with any amount water for 8 hours..
  3. Morning. Urad daal and 1/2 cup water. Grind for 3 mins..
  4. Morning. Rice and 1/4 cup water. Grind for approx 4 mins..
  5. Mix both of these and keep for 8 hours..