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the new way things work dvd


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Learn about mega machines, amazing inventions, and cool gadgets! From the earliest tools to the latest technology Bursting with cool machines, packed with movies and animations, and loaded with all kinds of gizmos, this journey with author/illustrator David Macaulay explores the fascinating world of history's greatest inventors and explains the workings of more than of their machines 4/4(1). “The Way Things Work is a superb achievement. It is a very handsome book, a fascinating collection of riddles and a sound educational accomplishment that, while explaining in words and pictures - mostly pictures - some of the mysteries of physics, makes you smile, and often $ The Way Things Work was a short-lived television series based on the best-selling book of the same name by David series was co-produced by Millimages, Pearson Broadband, and Schlessinger Media; it was distributed by the program ran daily on BBC2 and CBBC from to early , before it was discontinued due to a lack of both episodes and audience.

The Way Things Work Now is an updated presentation that follows the format and information used in the previous two titles: The Way Things Work () followed by The New Way Things Work (). David Macaulay has added the modern engineering and technology found in today’s digital world.


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