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Jul 14,  · Odd one is a call to anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider. The song explains that you can be yourself without having to be alone. It even goes as far as to say that others are envious of the. "Odd One" is the second single from Sick Puppies' third album Tri-Polar, which impacted rock radio on November 10, According to the band's Twitter, the video was filmed on November 25th. According to pictures posted on the band's Twitter and a video clip on YouTube in the following days, the video was filmed at a skate park. as made famous by Sick Puppies. Original songwriter: Shimon Moore, Tim James, Antonina Armato, Emma Anzai License courtesy of: Walt Disney Music (USA) Co This title is a cover of Odd One as made famous by Sick Puppies.

Sick Puppies are an Australian rock band comprising vocalist and guitarist Shimon Moore, bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin. This song was the group's second single from their third album, Tri . Jan 07,  · Board index Sick Puppies Sick Puppies; Odd One is the #4 song of on The Buzz! Anything and everything you'd like to discuss about the band, their music, etc. We love our Sick Puppies up here. Also, Maybe was on the better side of the list (it was the top 99 songs, I'm pretty sure it was in the top 30), although I don't remember. ODD ONE TAB by Sick Puppies @

Listen to the biggest hits from Sick Puppies, including You're Going Down, Riptide, Odd One, and more. Check it out on Slacker Radio, on free internet stations like '00s Alternative, Top 50 Alternative Songs of , Rock Ballads too.


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