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I ordered Tom Dokken's retriever training book on kindle and thought it was good. Had previously used Wolter's Water Dog and the Gun Dog Training books as well. He cover's training techniques from wks to months. Lots of very specific and helpful puppy training examples. The dvd shows actual training sessions and is extremely helpful/5(47). Feb 07,  · Just got my new pup and wanting to start watching some videos on training him. I have water dog now but was going to see if there is any new ones out with better training material or any that are better then it. I have been looking at the avery dvds but wasnt for sure about them i couldnt find much on them. If somebody has used one of them or any others i would appreciate the advice. If you would like to learn of new posts by email we'll be sure to include you.

This series of dog training articles and videos will guide you in training your retriever with a solid and BALANCED obedience foundation and mild remote training collar reinforcement. Most problems in dog training are caused by an imbalance somewhere in your training program! Learn to train your own BALANCED RETRIEVER! Training DVDs. The Farmer / Lardy Symposium; Total Retriever Training; Total E-Collar Conditioning; Total Retriever Marking; Articles. Training with Mike Lardy - Vol I; Training with Mike Lardy - Vol II; Training with Mike Lardy - Vol III; Training with Mike Lardy - Vol IV; Resources. Training Tips; FAQ; Training Flow Chart; Online Store. Sound Beginnings Retriever Training DVD with Jackie Mertens. Jackie Mertens is one of the most successful amateur retriever trainers and breeders in North America. She has trained and titled numerous FC/AFC retrievers. She is a six time finalist at the National Open/National Amateur Retriever .

Jan 23,  · Another aspect not covered in the DVD is how prior training might make a retriever more water-minded, for example running many channel blinds prior to water cheating singles. Overall I like this DVD and it's focus on cheating in water and on land. I like Graham's perspective that cheating dogs are not being defiant they are simply untrained. Wildrose Hats / Caps Wildrose T-Shirts / Sweatshirts Wildrose Glasses / Cooler Wildrose HydroFlask Gift Ideas New! Retriever Training Gear - We have the perfect gift for all sporting dog trainers! Wildrose Trading Gift Guide. White Coat Training – Staggered Mom & Pop With Under the Arc Long White Coat Cheating Water Entry Mark Week 62 – Teet’s First Teal Hunt – Pup First Teal Hunt Week 62 – Teet’s Training In The Timber Setup – Make Sure to Work Your Pup in Hunt Like Conditions.


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