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linux windows 8.1 dual boot


  • Name: Linux windows 8.1 dual boot
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Jan 07,  · Hi guys, I am thinking of dual booting my system with Windows and a Linux based operating system. I want to use Windows for gaming and normal day to day use and the Linux based OS to complete my uni assignments from home, mostly programming. Dec 04,  · a. Press Windows + R and type and press Enter. b. Click on Boot tab. c. Select the Operating System that you want to remove from the dual boot. d. Click on Delete button. e. Click Apply and Ok. f. Click On Restart the computer. Once . Aug 26,  · How to dual-boot Windows /8 and Linux on tablet or PC * The easy way to set up a dual-boot system is to install Windows first and then the Linux second. If you can’t or would like the look of the Windows menu, try the following step by step. * From Windows desktop, open IE and go to EasyBCD webpage.

I have a computer running Windows and I would love to dual boot it with Linux. I am very new to Linux. I have run it in a virtual machine a few times before, but virtual machines are slow. I want to run it in real time with basically every resource in my computer used on Linux. I just got a Lenovo X1 Carbon and I am flabbergasted on dual booting -- having the record in the boot manager. Cliff Notes It came with Windows I shrunk the Windows partition (within window. Dec 06,  · The Linux Mint DVD, from here (x86) or here (x64), burnt to a DVD. About 30 Minutes of free time; Note: There are a lot of ways to do this, and since there is no one correct way to dual booting Windows and Linux, we are going to take the easiest method to help those new to Linux, while getting the full experience of installing a Linux Taylor Gibb.

Jul 29,  · Step 5: Disable secureboot in Windows 10 and This is the most important step. The new secure boot feature of Windows 8, originally intended for security feature for rootkit viruses, prevents dual booting of Windows with Linux. To dual boot Windows 8 with Linux, we must disable secure boot in UEFI. Jul 21,  · In this video I talk about which Ubuntu Download to go for (32bit or 64bit), how to basically create a bootable CD / USB Memory stick, and then I go through in detail all the aspects related to.


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