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Jan 04,  · The “OK” hand gesture hoax originated in February when an anonymous 4channer announced “Operation O-KKK,” telling other members that “we must flood Twitter and other social media. Hand gestures can have meanings in other countries that are not what you'd expect. A hand gesture that's friendly to you could be an insult elsewhere. Hand gestures can have meanings in other countries that are not what you'd expect. Hand Gestures With Author: Kathleen Crislip. The shocker, also known colloquially as "two in the pink, one in the stink," is a hand gesture with a sexual connotation. The ring finger and thumb are curled or bent down while the other fingers are extended. The index and middle fingers are kept together (touching) and the back of the hand faces outwards (away from the gesturer).Celebratory gestures: Applause, Crossed hands, Fist pump, High five, Low five, Victory clasp, V sign.

The easiest and most basic hand gesture is numerical. ANY TIME you say a number, do the corresponding gesture-this makes your number easier to remember for the listener, adds movement and warmth to your body language and serves as a nonverbal anchor in the Vanessa Van Edwards. Jun 04,  · hand gesture controlled robot applications, advantages of hand gesture controlled robot, hand gesture controlled robot with robotic arm, hand gesture . a gesture with the right hand moving to form a cross; used by Catholics as a profession of faith. curtsey, curtsy. bending the knees; a gesture of respect made by women. emoticon. a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email.

A hand gesture which involved a formation of a fist with the thumb tucked under the index finger is used by children when playing “Got Your Nose”. The fig sign gesture otherwise doesn't have much meaning to it, but you wouldn't want to use it other countries such as . Apr 12,  · Best Answer: You're confusing three different hand gestures. The peace sign has the two fingers spread apart. That's not a "universal sign of deities". When the two fingers are together, that's something you do find in Hindu and Catholic artwork, but that still doesn't make it Status: Resolved.


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