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Google chrome addons helper

google chrome addons helper


  • Name: Google chrome addons helper
  • Version: 1.1904
  • All Time Downloads: 67174
  • Filename: v886.exe
  • Filesize: 1468MB
  • Rating: 9
  • Viewed: 273437
  • Language: English
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Apr 08,  · The “Google Chrome Helper” is a medium between the embed code in the browser and a remote server, and it’s set to run automatically with Chrome’s default settings. When these plug-ins or chrome processes they’re handling become out of control then these become google chrome helper. Aug 02,  · Video DownloadHelper for Chrome is a neat Google Chrome addon which allows you to control and obtain file through download from various websites. The /5(24). Mar 07,  · The Login Helper is defined as hijacker (also known as hijackware). When the Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and IE is affected by Browser hijacker, browser’s settings such as search engine by default, new tab and homepage may be changed.5/5(1).


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