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  • Name: Foxyproxy whitelist
  • Version: 5.4538
  • All Time Downloads: 5885
  • Filename: m606.exe
  • Filesize: 87MB
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  • Language: English
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FoxyProxy Plus tests local IP addresses against IP address patterns at Firefox startup, everytime you press Ctrl+F3 (Cmd+F3 on OS/X), and whenever you add/remove IP address patterns. A local IP address matches a whitelist pattern for a proxy IF AND ONLY IF there isn't a blacklist pattern for that same proxy which doesn't also match that IP. * Fix FoxyProxy warning described in issue #8 I don't know why this works since I don't know how to debug inside foxyproxy. However it seems that url and host are not actually string type, so everything looks like abnormal. Converting them into strings will kill those warnings. IP patterns are very similar to [../ URL patterns]. They are used to select which FoxyProxy proxy configuration is used to load URLs. A proxy configuration is a FoxyProxy notion that encompasses: Host:port, PAC URL, or "direct" (no proxy) URL and IP patterns Name and description Like URL patterns, IP patterns can be white or black.

Hidden setting (no GUI). When FoxyProxy is set to Use proxies based on their pre-defined patterns and priorities, this value determines if the FoxyProxy icon is changed to its default orange after loading a URL. If true, the icon is changed to orange. If false, the icon remains the color of the proxy that was last used. Add Whitelist of Sites to Proxy Server Normally, using the content filter is preferable for whitelisting sites. This is because it is better at distinguishing groups and can have separate policies. How to Use Multiple Proxy Servers by Jerry Garner Proxy servers add an extra layer of protection to your online privacy because websites you visit will only be able to collect information about the proxy server rather than about your specific internet connection.


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